Saturday, February 26, 2011


Can we say that I'm tired of being stuck inside the house (especially with sick kids). At least everyone is on recovery road.
I'm have been stick inside the house for over a week and I think it is time to get outside. What do you think?

Well I've noticed lately that my friendships are transitioning. I'm not really friends much with my old crew :( but I have made tons of new friends on HamptonRoadsMommies. Which I need, since I finally have people who understand me and understand what I am going through. only took forever!

I can't believe my wedding anniversary is going to be here in like 2 weeks. I love my husband.

Another off subject rant: I HATE THE WEATHER! One day it is 70 degrees and the next day barely 40!?! What is going on here? I'm so over this weather and ready for some stability with it. So it better come soon!!!

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  1. I feel like that today. I'm so ready for my kids to get feeling better and for the weather to be nice and summery ;)

    Great blog.
    I'm following from bloggy moms.