Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Been awhile and I need to vent

So I have been super busy lately, finally have my business up and running and it is doing well. My three kids have been a handful but love it!

But anyways my vent is about basically my time is money. And really people don't seem to get that about me. I have come to realize that I will no LONGER look out for others. I am tired of people complaing about poor pathetic them, when I could care less. How about me? Oh that's right we are suppose to stop and listen to you cry the blues and when I start to complain or vent, it is as I am speaking to myself.

I am done getting taken advantage of, since obviously it isn't working out in my favor. So FYI don't ask for oh can you do this, or that, because you know what I will say "UMM NOPE!"

Okay vent over!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Finding it difficult

I am finding it difficult to connect with anyone, mainly people around my age. My life is on the fast track compared to other 24 year olds I know. I am married and have 3 kids. Most of the people my age are just now getting engaged, getting married, or having their first child.

I feel like I am an outcast. There are a few people who I can talk to once in awhile but really I feel like I just can't connect. Is it because I have been burned by so many "So Called" friends before I can't make genuine connections with people anymore.

I told my husband the other day, really what is adult interaction. I really only talk to my husband.
I don't have that go to friend anymore, someone I can talk to about everything. Sometimes it feels like people act like they are your friends because they have to. I have to say being part of a mom group is hard sometimes. You don't know if they like you for you or because of a title you have had, and it truly makes it hard to be a happy person.

I guess I will find someone who will understand me and be able to feel comfortable with one day.

Friday, August 5, 2011


Some days I am a truly proud person. I have no regrets or seem very unhappy. But then there are THOSE days were I feel like such a failure. Feeling like I have let down my family, my husband, my kids, etc.

I seem to try so hard and some days it feels like I just don't do enough to satisfy everyone. I have never considered of thinking of myself first. But when should I put myself first? Is it being selfish?

Am I truly failing? Obviously no, but why are THOSE days so hard to get through? I am a strong person, but THOSE days seem to get the best of me. I want to just sit in the corner and just sleep or cry, whatever feel good at the time.

I know the other moms out there know what I am going through. When is there time to just clear your mind (Naptime, bedtime?)

Okay my little rant is now done, For now :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Don't Judge Me

Ever feel like you are always being judged negatively? First let me say, I'm a young mother (24 yrs old) to 3 wonderful children. Yes I did have my first child at 18, right after I graduated high school. Obviously things I had planned out after high school didn't go according to plan. But life always throws you curveballs.
Now I hate how people nowadays are viewing young mothers. TV shows like "Teen Mom"  and ""16 and Pregnant" have given young mothers a HUGE bad name! Of course you see the girls on there who do not want to give up their teen ways and want to party, go out with friends, etc. But really is that true for all young moms? In my case, NO! I didn't dream about going out, going to concerts; I had dreams of watching my child grow up, me being my child's role model and a extremely happy family. Which has been pretty accurate so far.
Also I was being judged for not being married to my child's father. Why? Why rush into marriage? Why cna't we make a family for us? I had my first daughter at 18 and I didn't get married to her father until I was almost 21. We wanted to make sure we could provide a stable and safe home for our child.
But of course there are people out there that do not agree with my method of life events. Really who's life is it? I know people will always have something to say but why can't we forget about the negatives and focus on the positives.
I am a young mother who does everything I can for my children. Why not make a show about that?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Been awhile

I have been busy lately and have but my personal blog on the back burner. But recently I started my own business. You should visit it and order something! :) Missy Prissy TuTus.
Also I have been getting the girls into boutique modeling helps make the summer go back. Jocelyn just finished her first booking on Heart and Soul Models.
My husband has been working countless hours at work and has not been home much :( Now that it is summer vacation and having all 3 kids home all day, I have been trying to find things to do so I can keep my sanity.
Also in this month, I have applied for a job. Curious to see if I get asked for an interview, I miss being a working mom but have enjoyed my life as a SAHM for the last 2 years. So we will see how that goes.
My babies are getting so big. Jocelyn will be turning 6 in about 2 months and anthony will be 1 in 2 1/2 months! Holy Cow.
Really my life in the last month hasn't been too exciting just been working on things here and there. Hopefully I can try to post more often. Since I have alot of bottled up feelings!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Teething Babies

Recently my children (my two youngest) have been teething and life the last couple days has been quite interesting. I am barely getting any sleep and just trying to comfort my babies. I know I am not the only mom out there who have teething babies, so I have put together just some common signs of teething and how to comfort our little ones.
*Note All Children experience things differently and this is general information*

When does teething start?
Teething usually begins around 6 months of age. But it is normal for teething to start at any time between 3 months and 12 months of age. By the time your child is about 3 years old, he or she will have all 20 primary teeth.

Symptoms of Teething:
•     Fever The inflammation caused by tooth eruption may be accompanied by a mild fever, but running a temperature is not a classic teething symptom. Any fever of 101 degrees or more, say pediatricians, has nothing to do with teething - even if your child is cutting a tooth at the same time. Monitor and treat it as you would any other fever.
•    Diarrhea The jury is still out on whether loose stools are a symptom of teething or just a byproduct of a fledgling immune system. If fever and/or vomiting accompanies the diarrhea, it's likely that a virus is to blame.
•    Irritability When irritability goes along with swollen gums and drooling, and your baby's also rubbing his gums or biting, he may well be teething. The irritability could become more intense in the middle of the night, when distractions like parents, toys and meals are absent. But since it could also be the result of illness, keep an eye out for any other symptoms.
•    Ear Pulling The pain that teething causes in the jaw can transfer to the ear canal, and a baby will often pull on his ears in hopes of alleviating it. But since ear pulling is also a telltale sign of an ear infection, it's important to get a take on how strong the pain is. Teething pain is dull in comparison to that of an ear infection, making a teething baby far more distractible than one with an ear infection. If you can’t distract your baby from daytime irritability and/or a fever accompanies the ear pulling, chances are your child has an ear infection.

Some ways to Comfort a teething baby:

•    Give your baby a mild pain reliever that is labeled for his or her specific age. For example, acetaminophen (such as Tylenol) or ibuprofen (such as Advil) may help relieve your baby's discomfort.
•    Use a clean finger (or cold teething ring) to gently rub your baby's gum for about 2 minutes at a time. Many babies find this soothing, although they may protest at first.
•    Provide safe objects for your baby to chew on, such as teething rings

If you have any questions, please consult with your child's doctor

Sunday, May 29, 2011

First Taste of Summer

Today is the first real taste of summer I've really had other the the extreme heat. Me and the family went to the beach with a couple of my friends. What a blast it was, even thou I got really bad sun burn on my back and it hurts like H.E.double hockey sticks right now!

The water was a bit on the colder side but once you were in it didn't seem to bother anyone too much. My daughter had a blast in the water. Which is great because the last time we were at the beach she cried once her toe (YES , her toe) got wet. My baby boy is a total outdoor lover and enjoyed his time outside. He just chilled out in the tent we propped up and even went into the water.

The greatest thing is my husband was able to be there with us, he barely gets the weekends off and this weekend he got to enjoy some much needed family fun time!!!! I'm all smiles even in my pain!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Playing catch up 5.26

So I have been extremely busy lately. With 3 kids, a husband, checking on my mommy site, helping revamp a blog, cook, clean, etc. I just have been not so active with this blog.

So you ask what have I been up, whats going on in my life? Well I have been sitting back and watching people in my life. Seeing who are truly there for me and not just saying they are my friends. I have had a few people really surprise me and I feel grateful that they are in my circle. I can just vent with them and they totally get me. THANK GOODNESS!

How about my kids? Well it has been a crazy rollercoaster with my 3 kids. My youngest is teething and not taking it well. My middle is just being her normal independent self. And my oldest well she has had a rough week. But things are getting better! School will be over before we know it and my oldest and middle children will drive me up the wall! I can see it now.

Now lets talk about this weather. IT IS TOO DARN HUMID OUTSIDE!!! I feel like I am going to melt right when I walk out the door! and the crazy storms we have had lately (kinda scary). I don't know whatever happened to spring because it felt like we went from winter to summer and skipped spring!

What is on mind? I am thinking about entering to working world again. Granted I love being a SAHM (stay at home mom). I am a working woman at heart.

I guess I am done rambling!! Have a good day!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Why is it hard

Why does it seem harder to trust people when you are an adult. I remember friends were so easy to come by. Now it seems utterly impossible to find friends these days.
I am trying to open up to people but it seems like they are being forced to be friendly to me in a way. I don't want friends like that, I want friends who like me for me, and understand me. I want someone I can turn to in a difficult time and just talk to and vent.
Is it asking much? I already know I am never going to lower my standards for my friends. They aren't really set that high to begin with, I need people I can trust. And right now there aren't many I can say I trust nowadays.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

2 years ago

Alittle over two years ago, my husband and I welcomed our second daughter into the world. With her, I had a really difficult pregnancy. I was losing weight instead of gaining the first 6 months, and had morning sickness for about 8 months.
We weren't expecting her for another week but that morning at 6am, I had the urge to run to the bathroom and go pee. What pregnant women doesn't have to pee. Well it didn't feel normal like usual and I started to freak. My husband was getting dressed for work and was about to walk out the door and head off to work, and then I yelled "I think my water broke!". He told me to call my doctors office to see what they said. And sure enough they told me to go to Labor & Delivery.
When we got to the hospital, sure enough my water had broke, but wasn't feeling any contractions. I was given pitocin to speed up the contractions, and I didn't really feel anything. Around 11, Jocelyn left to go be with my parents. Once my husband got back from dropping our oldest off, I started feel the pain. I tried to hold off as much as possible.
Around 2pm I told the nurse I couldn't take the pain anymore. So it was time to get the epidural I was only 4cm along and was in so much pain. They came in to do my epidural, and it took at least 15 minutes, and the nurse forgot the pain medicine pump. I was sitting there with the epidural pretty much set up just was waiting on the medicine. By the time the nurse came back, I told her I was in ALOT of pain. She told me it was time to push! So in the 10 minutes from receieving my epidural, I dialated from 4cm to 10cm.
I started to push around 2:15...and several pushes later I was holding my 2nd baby girl! She was born at 2:26pm.
She is such a chacarter and we love her so very much.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I am finally feeling like I can live my life the way I want. I don't have to watch what I say or conform to a certain persons personality. I can finally be happy.
For years, people who were in my life (some not by choice) were extremely toxic and dragging those around them down into their miserable lives. They were making things uneasy for my husband and myself, and putting a wedge on our happiness.
I can't help that I am married to an amazing man, and you are left playing house with someone. I just can't help you get the things you want, I have my own life and family to look out for.

Well these passed few months, we have cut people out and I couldn't be happier. We don't have to listen to them say how they wish things were different and how they suck at life. Also trying to compare what me and my husband have to their own lives. How is that healthy?

To me there are two types of people in the world; Follwers and Leaders. I choose to be a leader of my own life, and not be stuck following people and being stuck in the dark. Some people choose that life, and that isn't for me. I choose to be the way I am, and really you can choose to accept me for me or just leave me alone. Its time to be blunt and weed out the fakers.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


So my children are driving me insane these days. They are hitting certain milestones which can be over and done with already!

My oldest has discovered the art of tattle telling on her little sister. Yes even if she touches something, Mommy she is touching this, she is doing that. It is driving me bonkers! In the car I hear "Mommy, she is taking off her shoes." Its utterly a huge annoyance

Now my middle child is going to be turning 2 in two days. "Terrible Two's" is such an understatement for her. She is throwing fits, refusing to listen, beating up my 5 yo. Basically driving me up the wall. I feel like she is turning 25 instead of 2. My oldest never went through the "terrible two's" so this is so NEW to me.

Between the two of them, I should be completely drain!

So right now I think I shall scream, it will make me feel better!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! okay good now!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Jocelyn comes home from school with a ton of artwork for me to celebrate Mother's Day. She also had to put together a book about me. My daughter knows me so well! It was so cute, one of the questions was "Your mother's favorite food is.." and she says "Potatoes". Yum I love some potatoes. What really got me was "What does you mom do.." her answer "Taking care of the family." I'm glad that my work does not go unnoticed.

I wanted to wish all the moms I know, a VERY HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

How did I get to where I am today thou? It all started in high school, I met this cute guy, and we fell deeply in love. Well after graduation a few months later guy and girl had their first daughter.
I traded my life of going out with friends for watching Dora the Explorer. I never had the real after high school life. While my friends were out partying at the clubs, I was at home partying with my daughter and fiance. While my friends were out getting drunk, I was at home cleaning sippy cups. But I've noticed that all that stuff Imissed out in, I would never want to do anyways.
A couple years later, me and my hubby decided we wanted to expand, and soon later we had our second child. Alot of my friends were graduating from college, I was graduating my oldest out of diapers. Also I was a working mom. Working 40 hours a week to help my family strive and grow.
And later at our surprise, I was carrying another lil one. And 9 months later, we welcomed the first boy to the bunch. Today I am a mom to a school age child, a toddler, and an infant. Can we say I have my hands full?!?
Now that may not seem like much to some, it means the world to me. Some are still trying to find themselves, I have found the man of my dreams and have the family I have wished for since I thought about having kids.
I love my life, and my again HAPPY Mother's Day!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Time Flies

My babies seem to be growing up way to fast. Especially Kristina, she may be my middle child but I can't believe she will be turning 2 next week. Where did the last two years go?

She is so smart for her age, it scares me sometimes. She doesn't realize her birthday is next week but I have to say I am excited. Her birthday party is next weekend, and I know that will be super fun. We are surrounding ourselves with friends!

I think we are going with a Spongebob theme, but not too sure yet.

The next thing you know Anthony is going to be a year old!

Time Flies!!!

Friday, April 29, 2011

What a day

So after a long day of my husband being at work (14+hrs) Sometimes I just feel like I'm a single mother. His job doesn't consider he has 3 young children at home and working him all hours of the night. People who have no real responsibilities get off early and can just do whatever they want.
I am tired! He misses bedtime, the girls won't stop asking when daddy will come home. It hurts me inside. When my husband went out of town for 2 days, my oldest asked me if daddy was ever coming back home. I mean what can you do.
I feel like the walls around me are crumbling and I'm getting caught by the rubble. But I stay strong for my family. I mask my emotions and lock them deep inside. I can't have my children see me as a mess., even though I just want to cry!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Feeling Drained

I feel like I am doing too much in my life sometimes, and feels like the life is literally getting sucked out of me. Feels like you don't have anyone to turn to at times. Keeping things bottled up is just not a good thing for me, because once I hit my boiling point, WATCH OUT!
I'm trying to not get to that point but I feel more and more frustrated then anything.

And the best way for me to get over things is just to sit and cut off the world in a sense.
Granted I have better days then bad, but the bad days seem so harsh. I really do miss having that close friend to understand me, and knows how I truly feel.

But I have to say today was a good day, yesterday was a bad day but I have moved on, and trying to keep this smile on my face.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring Break

Is Spring Break almost over? I swear this has been the most tiring week! Jocelyn is even ready to go back to school.
In a week span, I've given the most time outs, pulling the girls off each other to stop fighting, saying the weird NO, heard tons more crying. And my girls are only 5 years old and almost 2 years old.
Now can I say I'm not looking forward to summer vacation! :)

My girls are physically draining, and then on top of that my son, has been cranky pants this week as well. I think he is cutting another tooth in, which means not great sleep for mommy. All I want to do is curl up in bed with my husband and sleep!

Monday can't come fast enough!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

4.13.11-Playing catch up

So recently my husband has realized he can't keep giving certain people in his life, chances upon chances. Basically he has cut ties with his brother. All he does is lie to my husband, and he can't seem to keep his lies straight. My husband doesn't want to since it's his brother but he is done being hurt. I have also come across some amazing woman lately, and truly feel I'm starting to make friends who understand me. Because they are moms! YES! I feel like I can be myself and not have to hold back.which I have been missing for years people that I can truly relate to in different ways. Also my husband has left for a 2 day out of town work related job. I was extremely upset with the last minute notice his bosses gave him and myself, but what can you do. I feel like I may go insane without my man. And the kids are already missing him this morning. But hopefully this weekend, he wont have to work and we can spend it together. I think I've caught up on what is going on in my life as of right now!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I'm already don't like this week. (Granted my birthday was yesterday) My husband has been working from 7am-8pm. Which means he is gone before the kids are up and he gets home just minutes before they go to bed. He is getting so bothered by this he asked "Why even be married and why did I have kids?" He also said "soon the kids won't even know who I am." That truly hurts the heart. The kids know (well our two girls) know that daddy is working hard for them. And he feels the only time we have is when we are about to go to bed for the night. Which is horrible but true. I miss him so much during the day, I would love to just sit there and text or talk to him all day but what would that do? I absolutely do not like his bosses. Today our daughter was being recognized a student of the month for her class. Well one of his bosses gave him a big ol' stink about how they needed him to be at work and was texting his phone on when he would be in. He missed 2 whole hours of work. This is our first child out of our three in school. Since the others have a few more years til then and we want to enjoy this most special day with her. He is really the only guy at his job with young kids and he cant enjoy the simple things. So like i said, I'm over this week already and it is just tuesday.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Gloomy Day

Well what a gloomy day outside today. It is cold and rainy and I am not really feeling it all that much. Another day stuck inside with the kids. Have you ever noticed on glommy days people attitudes are totally different. They seem to be gloomy as well. Well I am feeling gloomy. Sometimes I feel like I'm being punished, am I the only one who feels that way? Really the only thing that can turn my frown upside down is the smile from my kids. They truly bring so much joy into my life (even when they drive me up the wall). I know my other mommies out there know what I am talking about.

On the upside, Jocelyn is being recognized as "Student of the Month" for her kindergarten class next week!

We are so proud of her, she has changed in so many positive ways since school has started. She is a much confident child. She is excited to get up in the morning and get ready for school. I know this will only last for so long (before she ends up hating school LOL) but I am enjoying the whole experience. I don't want my babies to grow up anymore!

So right now my gloomy day is okay just talking about my kids makes me feel so much better!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

3.26.11-Saturday Sorrows

So where did the spring weather go??? Last week and earlier this week we were in at least the 60s. Today barely 40 and tomorrow they are calling for snow! What the heck happened???

I'm sitting here freezing my toosh off!

I really want the nice weather to come back and stay!
On another note with this weather, it looks so depressing outside. And I swear it is effecting me in someway shape or form.
I started to cry because my husband was at work. I mean cry like you just told me there really isn't a Santa Claus.
I know I shouldn't openly admit about myself crying, but I need to get it out. It is super weird.
I need some fresh air, but not today, it's too cold out!
Also I have to say, that I am a much happier person with the recent changes I've made in my life.
I've ex-ed out certain negative energy and people, and have to say never felt better.
I just couldn't deal with that drama anymore.
Yay for that!

Friday, March 25, 2011


I really miss having a best friend. It is kinda sad, I feel like I can't really talk to anyone. Dont get me wrong I have friends (who I talk about things to) but I miss having a girlfriend, someone who will be there for me no matter what is going on. Someone to text just because, I just need that BFF thing again.

A girl needs a BFF especially when she gots kids, geez adult converation is needed in this corner here!.

I thought I would just vent about needing a best friend.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Well I have to say I had a pretty good weekend. My husband was home friday through sunday. Friday he called out of work because of another stupid flat tire! But who cares after it was changed I spent time with him. Which was much needed. I feel as if we never get time together (alone or even with our kids in tow). Sometimes he barely gets home in time to see the kids before they are off to bed.

But the weather was nice here as well Friday and Saturday was in the 70s and then Sunday 50s.

Well on Sunday we had our family pics taken, and they came out amazing...another reason I enjoyed my husband being home.

here is a pic...

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Wow it has been almost a week since my last post. Well nothing really has been going on in the week since my last post.

But within the last month I had to replace another tire. Yup another freaking screw in my tire! I dont got money flowing out of places :(

The only thing about getting the new tire is that my husband got to take off work on friday (so 3 day weekend). I feel like I barely get anytime with him these days, which sucks because we love spending time together and he loves spending time with his babies.

Well on the good note...tomorrow we are getting family pictures done. This is the first time we are getting pictures done. That is kinda sad but I'm so excited. I kinda wish the temps would be alittle warmer for our beach shoot but I'm so excited!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Happy Anniversary to me and my husband! 3 years down and a lifetime to go! :)
Well today we took our babies to the zoo, and enjoyed the 70 degree weather. And next Sunday we are getting family pictures done! FINALLY!!!
But I am going to blog about something other then the Anniversary thou...
We have come to the realization that basically really we only got each other. Other family members say they are there but really all they do is tell lies and have broken promises. Years of lies can't make things better. That is why things are the way they are. And maybe if a person could think freely then letting a fly on the wall dictate their life. Time and time again have we been screwed and of course we let everything just brush by, but forget that now. We aren't going to anymore. I guess that is the price we have paid and other people in the family have paid, and has caused a huge rift.
I don't care if someone reads this and doesn't like it...I don't care. You mean nothing to me.
Take it how it is...I'm done holding my tongue.
How can someone call a person their "father-in-law" but not be married or have the last name? Really he meant so much to you, then why don't you call your "mother in law" that is right she means nothing to you, she's dead to you...hmm...really...okay
Okay I think I'm done ranting for now! Maybe I will continue later

Thursday, March 10, 2011

He will do anything

This is my little family! And I have to say I truly appreciate my husband for everything he does for us. After the birth of our second child, I returned from maternity leave and went back to working 40 hrs a week. Well 1 day our car at the time decided it was going to bite the dust and not work anymore . My job told me that not having a working car was not an excuse to not be at work (even thou I had 2 kids and lived about 45 minutes away from my job). So they decided to let me go, and I became a Stay at home mom.
So I have been a stay at home mom for almost 2 years now. And I totally appreciate what my husband does everyday. He goes to work, works his tail off, even at the cost of not spending the most time with the children. Some nights he gets off right at their bedtimes,and he is gone to work in the morning before they wake up. He has had to work weekends. Not to long ago he worked almost 20 days in a row without a day off!
I know it bothers him that he doesn't get the time with the kids, but I know the kids understand that daddy is working his butt off for them everyday. I may not get to spend that much time with him either and I complain about it a lot, but in the end he is doing what he can for our family. He is just a wonderful man. And I couldn't be more proud of him!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


So here is a picture of my husband holding our first born. As I have said before we found out we were going to be parents while we were in high school. Well our first daughter was born a few months after I graduated High school.
I have to say I have never seen a man so excited about being a father! My water broke at 11:30pm and he just got off work that night at around 7 pm..after working 10+ hours. I had to wake him out of a dead sleep. This being our first child, I was super nervous. He seem to be calm about it all. He was my distraction during my epidural, he help me relax and got me to sleep for 3 hours before delivering. Once it was time for the moment to push and welcome our daughter, he was my coach.
The best moment for me was when after pushing for only 15 minutes, he cried with excitement to see his daughter.
He has done such a great job as a father, and couldn't ask for anything more!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The start of our lives together

So this is us together at my senior prom. I have to say, I got one good looking husband!

During prom, I was expecting our first child. She was not planned but finding out I was pregnant was a true blessing in disguise.

We have made it through the hardships of being teen parents. And have done a pretty good job as parents.

I know that I could not see myself with anyone else, and have children with.

My husband is my rock, he is my knight in shining armor, he is my everything.

He is my best friend and would never regret any of the choices we have made in the 7 years we have been together.


Monday, March 7, 2011


With it being my wedding anniversary this sunday, I thought it would be a good idea to dedicate this whole week on my husband and I.
So in this picture this is us in high school. I was 17 & he was 18. And we have been going strong ever since.
I have to say he wasn't the typical guy I would date, and also when we first met, I didn't like him very much. But he grew on me.
I just want to say that I love my husband very much. And I will end this brief post with a quote.
"Love is like ghosts; people talk about it, but few have truly seen it." And I know this is love!

Sunday, March 6, 2011


I wanted to share how I'm such a proud mama!
Jocelyn is in kindergarten. She started alittle late this year due to some insurance issues. About a month late.
The teachers were alittle concerned with were she would be with the rest of the class. She had a hard time opening up and speaking in class, being that it was so new to her.
Well after having a parent-teacher conference, Jocelyn has made a complete 180. She was considered below grade expectations. Well she just received her recent progress report about 2 months after the conference, and she is at/or above grade expectations in everything!
I am one proud mama! Great job Jocelyn!!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Feeling buried

My household is finally getting over being sick and laundry hasn't been on the top of my list of things. So today I did about 5 loads of laundry :( I felt so overwhelmed by the amount of clothes, towels, etc.
I seriously thought I was being buried alive in clothes. Why haven't the famous laundry fairies not come to my aid?
Doing so many loads in 1 day and having to fold made me realize my children have way too many clothes! Especially my son (who is almost 6 months old). What happened to me and my husband's clothes. I swear it seems like sweats and tshirts is our outfits of choice.
At least I know I wont have to wash laundry for a couple of days. :)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Always feeling like someone is looking over shoulder

I have been having a feeling that people can't be original and come up with things on their own.

I feel like I can't say anything because someone will jump on it and do the same exact thing.

And what is really funny they act like it is their orignial own thought.

Ex. Me buying a shirt, you going out the same day and buying the same shirt (after I showed you the shirt).

Really you are that original, correct?! NOT SO MUCH!

I really want "these" people to seriously get their own lives, and stop trying to copy mine.

I could go on forever about this subject, but I think it would only fuel my fire.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


So I thought I would post about HRM. If you dont know what HRM is then let me tell you.
Obviously I meet that requirement
1.being i live in the Hampton Roads Area
2. being how I am a Mommy

Anyways..I joined HRM in January 2010. Wasn't too sure how it would be and me being a shy person, I didnt think I would do much on the site with doing playdates and such. Well I think the turn for me was when the Virginia Beach group needed a moderator. I applied, and of course the admin gave me a chance. It forced me to get out of my shell and start meeting people. And I have to say I've met some amazing women.

This group really helped me in a time of need, when I had just delivered Anthony. I was provided dinner for a whole week by some of the members. To not have to think about cooking for a week meant the world to me.

After my time as moderator, I decided to go on and become a manager. In October 2010, I was given the chance to be HRM's first UGM (UGM=User Group Manager). And let me tell you, I loved that position. It was a true fit for me. And I believe I did a great job as UGM. Well at least hope.

And now I have been named Assistant Chapter Manager. I was on the fence about this position, I didnt know if I was good enough for the position. But of course I had some of my dear friends speak to me and tell me how they trusted me in this new position. And I applied. Having people tell me that they trust, and are confident in me and my abilities, really touched me.

Basically, I'm saying HRM has saved me in a way from being a complete loner. And I have made some great friends!

Sunday, February 27, 2011


For the past week everyone in my house has been sick to some extent. I'm over the sickness (now I call plague) becausen it just doesn't seem to want to go away.
In 1 day I made 2 ER visits for Anthony. 1 at 6am and then 1 again at midnight. They basically said since he is a baby just let it ride out and use saline to keep is nose clear.
As you can tell in this picture he is just not really in the mood for anything.
I feel hopeless and almost useless because I can't take the illness away.
Poor hubby left work early on Tuesday, because he had a Upper Resp. Infection and they gave him two days off work to get better.
Then Friday Kristina is throwing up when we put her down to sleep. She ended up sleeping in me and Vince's room.
All I really want to do for the last couple of days is sleep. My sleeping schedule is so out of whack. I want this stuff to be gone with.
Hopefully everyone will feel better sooner than later.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Okay here is a photo I took and editted. I thought I would share. The reason I posted it because I can't wait for te flowers of spring. I can't wait to take the kids outside more and just have a good ol time. Also my birthday is in the spring. I just love spring; the weather, flowers, etc..


Can we say that I'm tired of being stuck inside the house (especially with sick kids). At least everyone is on recovery road.
I'm have been stick inside the house for over a week and I think it is time to get outside. What do you think?

Well I've noticed lately that my friendships are transitioning. I'm not really friends much with my old crew :( but I have made tons of new friends on HamptonRoadsMommies. Which I need, since I finally have people who understand me and understand what I am going through. only took forever!

I can't believe my wedding anniversary is going to be here in like 2 weeks. I love my husband.

Another off subject rant: I HATE THE WEATHER! One day it is 70 degrees and the next day barely 40!?! What is going on here? I'm so over this weather and ready for some stability with it. So it better come soon!!!

Friday, February 18, 2011


Well it has been awhile since I last posted on my blog. So I am trying to play catch up I guess.

In the time of my last post tons of things has happened:

1. I became a SAHM (stay-at-home mom)
2.We moved outta Norfolk
3. I had another baby-my first son
4. My oldest started Kindergarten

and other things but not worth mentioning.

Life has been quite an adventure. But I love my life. I have a husband who loves me dearly and 3 kids who I love so much!

We are hoping 2011 is a better year then last.