Sunday, January 15, 2012

Feeling older and older

As some people know, I am a young mom of 3. And when I mean young, I am 24 years old. I am the mother to a six year old, 2 year old and one year old. My six year old is still considered my baby (I am guessing because she was my first born). In the last week, I have manage to hit a few milestones with her. She lost her first tooth about 7 days ago, lost her second tooth 3 days ago and lost her third tooth this afternoon. I have to say this has been too much for me to handle all in a week since she is still my "baby".
Also after losing her 3rd tooth, she received her first phone call and ultimately is now at her first sleepover! Okay yes, I remember having my sleepovers at this age, but it seems like I have been replaying the day she was born. I have also been thinking about, "where have the last 6 years gone?"

You would think, "Come on it happens in life, your kids grow up!"  And of course I would have to say I truly agree with you. But me as being 24, I look at others my age. Most are starting to get married, maybe have a child. And there is me  ("Hello, nice to meet you"). I have thought of the days where she would be socializing and going to parties and having sleepovers, but when it actually happens. *Insert Screeching Noises* It hits you like a freight train! 

Well my saga continues, until next time.

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