Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Been awhile and I need to vent

So I have been super busy lately, finally have my business up and running and it is doing well. My three kids have been a handful but love it!

But anyways my vent is about basically my time is money. And really people don't seem to get that about me. I have come to realize that I will no LONGER look out for others. I am tired of people complaing about poor pathetic them, when I could care less. How about me? Oh that's right we are suppose to stop and listen to you cry the blues and when I start to complain or vent, it is as I am speaking to myself.

I am done getting taken advantage of, since obviously it isn't working out in my favor. So FYI don't ask for oh can you do this, or that, because you know what I will say "UMM NOPE!"

Okay vent over!

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