Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Finding it difficult

I am finding it difficult to connect with anyone, mainly people around my age. My life is on the fast track compared to other 24 year olds I know. I am married and have 3 kids. Most of the people my age are just now getting engaged, getting married, or having their first child.

I feel like I am an outcast. There are a few people who I can talk to once in awhile but really I feel like I just can't connect. Is it because I have been burned by so many "So Called" friends before I can't make genuine connections with people anymore.

I told my husband the other day, really what is adult interaction. I really only talk to my husband.
I don't have that go to friend anymore, someone I can talk to about everything. Sometimes it feels like people act like they are your friends because they have to. I have to say being part of a mom group is hard sometimes. You don't know if they like you for you or because of a title you have had, and it truly makes it hard to be a happy person.

I guess I will find someone who will understand me and be able to feel comfortable with one day.

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  1. i'm a new follower and i love your blog.

    mainly because i opened your blog and found this post. already a post i can really connect with. i actually have zero friends besides my best friend and boyfriend. we have a daughter together and we're really happy but they're basically all i have to talk to (one of which responds.. haha) because i don't get along with people - mostly those that are my age. i'm 20 though so maybe it's because i have such a different life than most others but i just wanted to say that i totally know what you mean.

    one day you'll find someone worth your time! hope it's soon :)