Wednesday, April 13, 2011

4.13.11-Playing catch up

So recently my husband has realized he can't keep giving certain people in his life, chances upon chances. Basically he has cut ties with his brother. All he does is lie to my husband, and he can't seem to keep his lies straight. My husband doesn't want to since it's his brother but he is done being hurt. I have also come across some amazing woman lately, and truly feel I'm starting to make friends who understand me. Because they are moms! YES! I feel like I can be myself and not have to hold back.which I have been missing for years people that I can truly relate to in different ways. Also my husband has left for a 2 day out of town work related job. I was extremely upset with the last minute notice his bosses gave him and myself, but what can you do. I feel like I may go insane without my man. And the kids are already missing him this morning. But hopefully this weekend, he wont have to work and we can spend it together. I think I've caught up on what is going on in my life as of right now!

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