Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Feeling Drained

I feel like I am doing too much in my life sometimes, and feels like the life is literally getting sucked out of me. Feels like you don't have anyone to turn to at times. Keeping things bottled up is just not a good thing for me, because once I hit my boiling point, WATCH OUT!
I'm trying to not get to that point but I feel more and more frustrated then anything.

And the best way for me to get over things is just to sit and cut off the world in a sense.
Granted I have better days then bad, but the bad days seem so harsh. I really do miss having that close friend to understand me, and knows how I truly feel.

But I have to say today was a good day, yesterday was a bad day but I have moved on, and trying to keep this smile on my face.

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