Sunday, March 13, 2011


Happy Anniversary to me and my husband! 3 years down and a lifetime to go! :)
Well today we took our babies to the zoo, and enjoyed the 70 degree weather. And next Sunday we are getting family pictures done! FINALLY!!!
But I am going to blog about something other then the Anniversary thou...
We have come to the realization that basically really we only got each other. Other family members say they are there but really all they do is tell lies and have broken promises. Years of lies can't make things better. That is why things are the way they are. And maybe if a person could think freely then letting a fly on the wall dictate their life. Time and time again have we been screwed and of course we let everything just brush by, but forget that now. We aren't going to anymore. I guess that is the price we have paid and other people in the family have paid, and has caused a huge rift.
I don't care if someone reads this and doesn't like it...I don't care. You mean nothing to me.
Take it how it is...I'm done holding my tongue.
How can someone call a person their "father-in-law" but not be married or have the last name? Really he meant so much to you, then why don't you call your "mother in law" that is right she means nothing to you, she's dead to you...hmm...really...okay
Okay I think I'm done ranting for now! Maybe I will continue later

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