Tuesday, March 1, 2011


So I thought I would post about HRM. If you dont know what HRM is then let me tell you.
Obviously I meet that requirement
1.being i live in the Hampton Roads Area
2. being how I am a Mommy

Anyways..I joined HRM in January 2010. Wasn't too sure how it would be and me being a shy person, I didnt think I would do much on the site with doing playdates and such. Well I think the turn for me was when the Virginia Beach group needed a moderator. I applied, and of course the admin gave me a chance. It forced me to get out of my shell and start meeting people. And I have to say I've met some amazing women.

This group really helped me in a time of need, when I had just delivered Anthony. I was provided dinner for a whole week by some of the members. To not have to think about cooking for a week meant the world to me.

After my time as moderator, I decided to go on and become a manager. In October 2010, I was given the chance to be HRM's first UGM (UGM=User Group Manager). And let me tell you, I loved that position. It was a true fit for me. And I believe I did a great job as UGM. Well at least hope.

And now I have been named Assistant Chapter Manager. I was on the fence about this position, I didnt know if I was good enough for the position. But of course I had some of my dear friends speak to me and tell me how they trusted me in this new position. And I applied. Having people tell me that they trust, and are confident in me and my abilities, really touched me.

Basically, I'm saying HRM has saved me in a way from being a complete loner. And I have made some great friends!

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  1. Hello, you write very well. Friendship is important to our lives. I hope you blessed with fraternal friendships

    I once posted about friendship, in my blog "One day and two days". You can read more here; http://goo.gl/C551R

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    I wish peace for your family