Saturday, March 26, 2011

3.26.11-Saturday Sorrows

So where did the spring weather go??? Last week and earlier this week we were in at least the 60s. Today barely 40 and tomorrow they are calling for snow! What the heck happened???

I'm sitting here freezing my toosh off!

I really want the nice weather to come back and stay!
On another note with this weather, it looks so depressing outside. And I swear it is effecting me in someway shape or form.
I started to cry because my husband was at work. I mean cry like you just told me there really isn't a Santa Claus.
I know I shouldn't openly admit about myself crying, but I need to get it out. It is super weird.
I need some fresh air, but not today, it's too cold out!
Also I have to say, that I am a much happier person with the recent changes I've made in my life.
I've ex-ed out certain negative energy and people, and have to say never felt better.
I just couldn't deal with that drama anymore.
Yay for that!

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