Sunday, May 15, 2011

2 years ago

Alittle over two years ago, my husband and I welcomed our second daughter into the world. With her, I had a really difficult pregnancy. I was losing weight instead of gaining the first 6 months, and had morning sickness for about 8 months.
We weren't expecting her for another week but that morning at 6am, I had the urge to run to the bathroom and go pee. What pregnant women doesn't have to pee. Well it didn't feel normal like usual and I started to freak. My husband was getting dressed for work and was about to walk out the door and head off to work, and then I yelled "I think my water broke!". He told me to call my doctors office to see what they said. And sure enough they told me to go to Labor & Delivery.
When we got to the hospital, sure enough my water had broke, but wasn't feeling any contractions. I was given pitocin to speed up the contractions, and I didn't really feel anything. Around 11, Jocelyn left to go be with my parents. Once my husband got back from dropping our oldest off, I started feel the pain. I tried to hold off as much as possible.
Around 2pm I told the nurse I couldn't take the pain anymore. So it was time to get the epidural I was only 4cm along and was in so much pain. They came in to do my epidural, and it took at least 15 minutes, and the nurse forgot the pain medicine pump. I was sitting there with the epidural pretty much set up just was waiting on the medicine. By the time the nurse came back, I told her I was in ALOT of pain. She told me it was time to push! So in the 10 minutes from receieving my epidural, I dialated from 4cm to 10cm.
I started to push around 2:15...and several pushes later I was holding my 2nd baby girl! She was born at 2:26pm.
She is such a chacarter and we love her so very much.


  1. Happy birthday to your little girl! Enjoy every moment... they grow so fast don't they?

  2. Cute Blog, following you now!