Thursday, May 26, 2011

Playing catch up 5.26

So I have been extremely busy lately. With 3 kids, a husband, checking on my mommy site, helping revamp a blog, cook, clean, etc. I just have been not so active with this blog.

So you ask what have I been up, whats going on in my life? Well I have been sitting back and watching people in my life. Seeing who are truly there for me and not just saying they are my friends. I have had a few people really surprise me and I feel grateful that they are in my circle. I can just vent with them and they totally get me. THANK GOODNESS!

How about my kids? Well it has been a crazy rollercoaster with my 3 kids. My youngest is teething and not taking it well. My middle is just being her normal independent self. And my oldest well she has had a rough week. But things are getting better! School will be over before we know it and my oldest and middle children will drive me up the wall! I can see it now.

Now lets talk about this weather. IT IS TOO DARN HUMID OUTSIDE!!! I feel like I am going to melt right when I walk out the door! and the crazy storms we have had lately (kinda scary). I don't know whatever happened to spring because it felt like we went from winter to summer and skipped spring!

What is on mind? I am thinking about entering to working world again. Granted I love being a SAHM (stay at home mom). I am a working woman at heart.

I guess I am done rambling!! Have a good day!


  1. Hi I'm a new follower from MBC. Good luck this summer... hope your two oldest don't drive you to far up the wall!

    Rose ~ Tips for Saving