Tuesday, May 10, 2011


So my children are driving me insane these days. They are hitting certain milestones which can be over and done with already!

My oldest has discovered the art of tattle telling on her little sister. Yes even if she touches something, Mommy she is touching this, she is doing that. It is driving me bonkers! In the car I hear "Mommy, she is taking off her shoes." Its utterly a huge annoyance

Now my middle child is going to be turning 2 in two days. "Terrible Two's" is such an understatement for her. She is throwing fits, refusing to listen, beating up my 5 yo. Basically driving me up the wall. I feel like she is turning 25 instead of 2. My oldest never went through the "terrible two's" so this is so NEW to me.

Between the two of them, I should be completely drain!

So right now I think I shall scream, it will make me feel better!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! okay good now!

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