Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Why is it hard

Why does it seem harder to trust people when you are an adult. I remember friends were so easy to come by. Now it seems utterly impossible to find friends these days.
I am trying to open up to people but it seems like they are being forced to be friendly to me in a way. I don't want friends like that, I want friends who like me for me, and understand me. I want someone I can turn to in a difficult time and just talk to and vent.
Is it asking much? I already know I am never going to lower my standards for my friends. They aren't really set that high to begin with, I need people I can trust. And right now there aren't many I can say I trust nowadays.


  1. I know exactly how you feel!!! I have yet to figure it out either. and honestly I think you have inspired a post for me. If its ok. :)
    I am new to following your blog along with the "blogging world". Found you on MBC!

  2. Finding true friends is like meeting that right person for you to share your life with. You don't have to search for them, they will come unexpectedly.